More than 80% of an organization's information is held in unstructured form such as hard copy documents, text files, electronic files (word, excel, powerpoint, jpeg, pdf, autocad), graphics and email. Such information is critical to most business communication and decision making. If such information are not preserved and managed property, it is a source of significant organizational risk, which can result in serious financial penalties, damage to corporate image and revenue leakage. Information if managed property provides an opportunity for business improvement and competitive advantage.

Docuflo solution is an "electronic filing cabinet" that allow you to manage all your files and documents electronically. If minimizes the need for physical storage, reduces the need to create multiple copies of files/documents, eliminates manual searching & retrieval of files/documents, enhances the content management and minimizes and the time lag in routing and forwarding of electronic documents. Authorized users are allowed to scan, index, import, QC, archive, retrieve, view, print, send and manage business critical information. NO MORE misfiled documents, NO MORE running around to multiple locations to find the information and NO MORE wasted time.


Capture & Process

- Document scanning
- Document indexing and processing – key from image, zone OCR, barcode, table lookup, single click data entry
- Web based document capture
Information & Process Management
- Document and information life cycle management (create, review, approve, distribute, archive and dispose)
- Process designer for designing process flow
- Adhoc routing and process workflow with document attachment
- Case / project folder and routing
- E-forms and routing
- Work queue (according to roles)
- Process monitor (global view, performance measurement and identify bottlenecks) Organize
- Documents are organized into unlimited levels of folders
- Organize functions on the Dashboard
- Task Inbox / Outbox


- Sharing of information
- Document routing


- Search documents using document profile and content
- Web search
- Search methods – profile search, simple search, full-text content search, wildcard, Boolean, phrase, proximity

Security & Control

- Document versioning
- Document check-in and check out
- Folders and document level security access control
- Private folder
- Users and user groups access rights and privileges
- Audit trail for reporting and tracking
- Support LDAP Active Directory


- Support MS SQL Server 2005 and Oracle
- ODMA support for Microsoft office documents
- Easy integration to 3rd party application via web services
- Outlook mail archive


Generally, companies (government / private sector) implementing document management solution will benefit in terms of cost savings, enhances customer services, good corporate governance, profitability driven by:

- Improved management of key business documents
- Information sharing
- Improvement of internal processes
- Improved employee productivity by reducing the time needed to find information
- Increased collaboration by ensuring that users work on connect information
- Compliance
- Adoption of best practices
- Improved services to citizen and customers
- Services delivered in a more friendly manner
- Reduces idle time
- Business continuity planning

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